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Executive Assistance & Technical Consulting

Project Management
Crisis Management & Assistance
Office Management Assistance
Special Projects
Critical Issues Management & Resolution
Periodic Executive Level Assistance
Technical Team Management



General Networking 
Switch & Router Configuration
VPN/Intrusion Prevention
Wireless Network (WiFi) Setup
Wireless Network Security Audit/Setup
Internet Setup 


Microsoft Server
Microsoft Small Business Server
Peer-to-Peer Servers (on Windows XP/Vista/W7 Platforms)
Laptop/Mobile Solutions
Asset Inventory
Small Business Setup

Backup, Disaster Recovery & Performance Issues

Back-up Planning/Implementation both local and online
Malware Prevention and Recovery Issues (Virus, Ad-ware, Spybots, etc.
Hard Drive Failure Repair (Desktop, Laptop, Server)
Performance Evaluations
One-On-One Training for Disaster Prevention
Email Back-up Planning



System Evaluations
Security Audit
System Upgrades
Software Upgrades
Internet Setup
Laptop/Mobile Solutions
One-On-One Training
File Sharing Setup/Training
Adware and Spyware evaluation/prevention



Application Solutions
Application Installations & Setup
Application Upgrades
Special Projects 

 Business Office, Home Office or Home

Broad band Internet Setup & Configuration
Home Network
System Evaluation
System Upgrades
One-On-One Training
File Sharing Setup Between PCs
Printer Sharing Between PCs
Security Audit
Wireless Networking Setup
Wireless Network Security Audit/Setup


  ... to name but a few.



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